Pincerna is an intimate perfumery set in the bustle of social life, approachable reaching out to its creative cousins, fresh food, single origin coffee, small batch wine and craft beer.
Vetiver Vista is a window into a real vegan perfumery, existing in an open kitchen, blending, atomising and symbiosing small batch natural fragrance.
Stark counters with concessionaires judging with silent looks are replaced with a bustle of creative perfumers osmosing and interacting with everyone.
A vibe of creativity with a backdrop of music and imagery operating in a relaxed environment where you can unwind and just soak up the perfume aromas whilst having a drink, conversation or thoughtful me time.
Born Fresh, Small Batch Perfume inspired by the 1920’s -1940’s Grande Golden Era of Perfumery with a contemporary 2020 vision.


A concerto of aromatic wonderment tuned into your specific skin DNA, a sonnet of fragrance notes that fade to reveal just the earthy or musky notes.
Immerse yourself in our collections of Vegan oil-based perfume and find the blend that resonates with your soul.



Our perfumery is shut as non essential but we have a wonderful opportunity for you to buy a voucher to use once we are able to open again.
We are working hard on the full experience to deliver the freshest perfume in the world and will launch as soon as it is deemed safe.
We have a selection of vouchers, the £95 voucher will get you an invite to our soft launch of Vetiver Vista to be the first VIP to engage with the full Olfactory Experience.
If you love coffee, craft beer, canapes and bubbles whilst pampering yourself then you don’t want to miss this.
Voucher credit lasts for one year, so a great buy to use for Birthdays, Christmas or to pamper yourself.
We never discount but this virus fire throughout the world has made all of us to adjust to what is really important? Life…



Pao has developed Moleculary Costronomy inspired from ‘Sous Vide’ in the Michelin starred cooking industry.
Slow heating gives the ingredients time to bind harmoniously in a temperature controlled environment keeping all the goodness within the raw ingredients whilst creating a perfectly smooth light emulsion.
The ‘Art of Temperature Control’



The ‘classical’ published perfume triangle completely disregards olfactory symbiosis.
It is the eight hour process of the perfume revealing its earthy and musky base notes in their simplest form.
The symbiosis is different for every person as ‘skin DNA’,temperature and pulse produces a bio-rhythmic distillation of the perfume…
Perfume That Harmonises with Your Soul




Coffee is a perfumer’s best friend; the distinctive smell of freshly roasted single origin coffee beans neutralises the nose for the final adjustments to perfume precision blending.
Vetiver Vista is a window into a real vegan perfumery, existing in an open kitchen as a pop-up or long-term counter harmonising with small batch coffee and craft beer shops.
The synergy of coffee, hops and perfume is a match made in harmony heaven, we bring out the best notes together.


Our patented molecular equipment has been designed by Pao after 10 years experience within the cosmetics and perfume industry. Inspired by Molecular Gastronomy, Pao has removed the need for heavy industrial agitators, instead Eco CX Thermal Precision Baths and Molecular Evaporators bind vegan ingredients harmoniously.
Our equipment is small scale, we only make what is needed for the day, zero emission and energy efficient. A table top evaporator precision designed to symbiose the natural perfume oils



Construction, deconstruction, cycle, re-cycle are the fundamentals of an Ecology aligned business. They are the roots of the design side of the business, taking the best from what has been and re-defining it in a new vision.
Accepting we are in an age of re-invention, refining and re-energising has been the underlying ethos of Pincerna.
Our Ultimate and Abstrakt collections you are buying a hand-blown piece of glass art for life; the depth of the perfume will increase with each refill and the bottle will resonate and harmonise with you.
The other collections, we want to do something a little different, we want you to return the bottle to us, in return we will discount your new purchase or add store credit to your account. These bottles are going to be given to our genius glass blower who is going to smelt them down in his furnace and re-use for our other projects.
Our atomiser is the best in the business, soft release with precision delivery of the perfume and a glass straw. The atomiser for our Ultimate and Abstrakt collections will be finely tuned for you so will dispense the exact amount of perfume that suits your DNA.


All our ingredients are hand sourced from natural fair-trade growers and suppliers. We support sustainability and respect traditional methods of extraction to ensure all our raw ingredients retain their natural minerals and vitamins.
Our certified organic fair-trade shea butter is unrefined with no solvent extraction from Ghana. Emulsifiers produced from roundtable assured sustainable sources that are edible and used in the Vegan ice cream industry.
Essential oils hand sourced from France and other European countries and fair-trade projects in Africa, Australia and India.
Our perfume base is made from a special mixture of organic coconut, safflower and jojoba oils that perfumes and softens the skin with hydrating fruit and flower oils. Alcohol free, vegan friendly perfumes that require no artificial fixatives to compensate for the astringency of alcohol.
All our products are made from natural ingredients, so we have no need for cruelty animal testing in laboratories. Our ingredients have been tested by humans for thousands of years in the voyage of discovery by African tribes.